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PRHR is an international effort focused on providing a self-sustainable investment/funding solution for ‘the average person.

With founders from North Macedonia, Belgium, UK, and Egypt, PRHR has the right combination of diversity, skill set, and world views, to give the world a new way of looking at the investing sector.

The unstoppable determination to enlighten the financial universe revolves around our core belief that we all have a responsibility to each other, especially since there is more than enough wealth for everyone to enjoy a comfortable life.

We don’t consider ourselves just an investment solution, but an idea, an example that will inspire other entrepreneurs & companies to have the highest possible standards towards the well-being and the benefit of their clients and society. 

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Building a better future together


You gotta admit, it’s a pretty good deal, a safe opportunity for investing in yourself and in your community at the same time

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Putting your values among previously unexposed good samaritans, while getting funding without being a burden to donor

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Strategy Provider

Don’t need to worry about clients anymore, with us, fund managers can only focus on the investment, while we bring the capital

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Dime Galapchev

Founder & CEO

North Macedonia


Laurent David

Founder & CTO



Ivica Atanasovski

Founder & COO

North Macedonia


Darren Spicer

Founder & CSO

United Kingdom


Mohamed Abd Elrahman

Founder & DevOps



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